Piers Ridyard

My guest today is Piers Ridyard, CEO of RDX Works, core developers of Radix, the first layer one protocol for DeFi that started from the problem of how to decentralize the $400 trillion global economy and worked backwards.

Piers has been in the blockchain space from the very beginning. Today, he shares a historical perspective on DeFi, talks about his vision for the future and illustrates the role standards play in the development of networks. I also learn a new term from Piers: ‘ujamaflip’.

Find out more about Radix at www.radixdlt.com

For careers and more about RDX Works: www.rdx.works

To learn about Scrypto, the Radix programming language: https://developers.radixdlt.com/

And to dive deep down the Radix rabbit hole, start here: https://twitter.com/PiersRidyard/status/1494306960082149378?s=20&t=g-paRlqckiF1mz5YMWnTAw

Shout out to my friends over at Feedspot. They have rated our show 4th on their list of the 25 best metaverse podcasts in the history of the universe. Check them out at https://blog.feedspot.com/metaverse_podcasts/  thanks to Anuj for reaching out!

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