067 – Angad B Sodhi

Angad uses the power of art as a medium to break the taboo that mental health carries in India and globally. His art therapy sessions and workshops for corporates and blocked creative professionals increase creativity and communication skills. Shh… It’s Taboo, his mental health event has enabled hundreds of people to share their mental health

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065 – Fernanda Boccard – NFT Artist

Fernanda is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. She is deeply passionate about creating unique and impactful digital experiences through NFT technology. She has leveraged her expertise in storytelling, video creation, and editing to bring her vision to life. Fernanda designed, promoted and sold out her first NFT collection “Serious and Cool” as a

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064 – Evan Sitler-Bates

My guest today is Evan Sitler-Bates, co-founder of XpertVR, which is revolutionizing education and job training for something like a million users in a range of sectors and industries. He’s been in the space for several years and is passionate about making education accessible, affordable and verifiable.  Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Connect with

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063 – Sam Huber – CEO of Landvault

Sam Huber is a metaverse pioneer. He is the CEO and founder of LandVault, the largest real estate company in the metaverse. With $37 million in funding, a team that includes 120 architects, designers and developers, and partnerships with brands including Mastercard, L’Oreal and Heineken, Sam is shaping the future of our digital realms.  Connect

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062 – Dr. Alexander Hughes – What Learners Want in a Virtual Education Wallet

Really enjoyed speaking with Dr. Alexander Hughes about his recent eCampusOntario report titled “Wallets, Passports, Portfolios, Credentials: What Learners Want in a Virtual Education Wallet.” Alex shared insights on what learners think about access, use and adoption of a virtual wallet system that stores digital educational credentials. According to Jill Dunlop, Minister of Colleges and

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