066 – Corey Kovnats – VP of Web3 and Industry 4.0 at dapphaus

Corey Kovnats and Michael Carter on Making the Metaverse Podcast

Corey is VP of Web3 and Industry 4.0 at dapphaus. He is an experienced entrepreneur and creative problem solver with a vast technical, managerial, and creative skillset. He’s spend a lot of time focused on digital media and emerging technologies. In the past several years, Corey has helped some big brands move into new digital spaces. As the founder and CEO of Parcel Party he has created unforgettable experiences inside virtual worlds and video games. Corey has a wealth of knowledge and experience that only a few people in the space have developed.

Connect with Corey:

Dapphaus: https://www.dapphaus.io/

Parcel Party: https://parcelparty.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreykovnats/


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