Hard Work And Dedication Is The Main Key For Success

One important rule when creating excellent work: there are no shortcuts.

Our Approach To Company Growth

Time and talent are precious. We ensure clients receive an abundance of both from our team. 

Our Mission Statement

We ensure successful web3 ventures that create value for all stakeholders.

“Every Leading Edge Venture begins With Preparation And Real Understanding That In Every Moment You Can Fail”

How To Measure Success

We measure success based on what our client values most. It could be financial reward, community building or research focused. 

Years Of Experience

Our team has been researching web3 technologies for several years. We have experience in cryptocurrency, NFT’s and metaverse technologies.

How Can we Help You With Your Next Adventure?

By leveraging a lifetime of research in digital communication technologies and community development. Our team has the maturity of seasoned business owners and the enthusiasm of new entrepreneurs. Our deep network of experts in business consulting ensure the web3 project we build with you will match the expectations of customers and business partners in your industry.

About Michael

As founder of ontheblockchain.ca I offer consultation on marketing, on-boarding and community building for NFT and Metaverse focused projects. I love working with people new to the space and especially love working with social impact projects. My podcast is called Making the Metaverse. For bookings, please send an email to ontheblockchainca at gmail dot com.

At the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, I build communities of leadership in the social impact space.

As a PhD candidate at Queen’s University I researched the benefits, risks and governance models associated with a variety of digital payment systems. I traced the emergence of smart card technology from the French banking industry and the formation of the Canadian digital banking landscape. I also examined the collection, analysis and sharing of personal mobility data in the context of transit payment systems. My case study was on the Presto smart card system in the City of Toronto. Much of my research was also focused data governance in the context of smart cities. I left the PhD program during the pandemic to pursue opportunities in Web3.

As a Master’s student at the University of Toronto, in the department of Geography and Urban Planning, I focused on the spatial dimensions of social organization and focused on understanding the implications for governance. Of particular interest to me was the role played by space, politics and culture in the creation of communities.

During my undergraduate studies at Queen’s University I was deeply engaged in research on surveillance. This included data collection and sharing by state and corporate actors through digital communications including social networking sites. My undergraduate thesis dealt with the surveillance practices involved in the securitization of downtown Toronto during a period of urban renewal taking place in the years between 2000 and 2013.

I studied business management at Ryerson University in Toronto before moving to Kingston and continuing my studies at Queen’s. 

Prior to being an academic, I spent several years working with the YMCA of Greater Toronto in community development with a focus on voluntarism, philanthropy and event planning. I’ve lived and worked as a volunteer internationally, including two years spent living in a Yoga centre in Massachusetts and two summers in Mysore, India.

Specialties: Research, Teaching, Leadership, Management, Consulting


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