060 – Costantino Roselli – Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer of NTZNS

My guest today brings incredible insight and a tremendous level of passion to web3. Costantino Roselli is Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer at NTZNS and an Advisory Board Member on the Metaverse Fashion Council. He is a top brand storyteller, bestselling author, futurist and keynote speaker. He holds two masters in Digital Marketing and Leadership, a Diploma in Management of Arts, Culture & Communication, a bachelor’s in Computer Science, and over 21 certificates in Future Thinking, Gamification, Storytelling, Brand Management, Fashion & Luxury Management, Communication, Growth Hacking Marketing, Human Psychology, and Human-Technology Interaction. Costantino is truly a leader in the space and it is a great honour to have him here today!

Find out more about NTZNS here: https://ntzns.com/ and connect with Costantino here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/costantinoroselli/


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