Canadian Artist 8bitmuchroom Creates NFT Niche





Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to identify as an artist

Well, it’s a pretty new thing actually. I’ve always been a huge 8-bit video game fan, so when I was younger I used to draw 8-bit  style art but never thought much of it. Discovering the NFT space revived my love for drawing these little 8-bit pieces and gave me a great outlet for showing them to fans.

Describe your artistic style

Retro, creative, minimalist. There’s always a cool and/or creative theme to my muchrooms, and I try to be as unique as possible in a space where so many collections are so almost identical.

How has your style evolved over the years?

Well, I’ve only been at this for a couple months, so get back to me in 2024!

How did the nft space pull you in?

When I first heard about NFTs, I thought they were the biggest bubble ever, destined to crash and burn. However, the more I dug into it and researched the technology, the more I realized how the most liquid and frictionless marketplace

Why muchroom and not mushroom

It’s a style choice.
In the business world, misspellings of common words grab people’s attention and leave longer lasting impressions on them.

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