John King – Victory XR

John King has a wide range of skills and experiences that he brings to the edtech space. He took his undergraduate degree at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and completed a Masters degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he studied globalization, commerce and media. He has worked as a lecturer, researcher and sales director for firms in the United States and in China. More recently, John has been in the edtech space working with VictoryXR, bringing colleges and universities into the XR education space through the building of digital twins and the integration of XR tech with curriculum. 

Contact John at [email protected] for more information. Also visit to learn more and book a tour!


Making the Metaverse is hosted by Michael Carter and produced by Canada’s fastest growing blockchain media community. 

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Shout out to my friends over at Feedspot. They have consistently rated our show one of the top five metaverse podcasts in the history of the universe. Check them out at thanks to Anuj for reaching out!

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