Federico Carpi AKA Huxley Sun

Hi! I’m Michael Carter and my guest today on Making the Metaverse is Federico Carpi, an Argentinian musician and NFT artist living in Poland. Under the name Huxley Sun, Federico writes, records and performs as a musician offering an indie-folk sound that is delivered at a slow pace with a contemplative style. Federico also creates NFT artwork in a unique visual aesthetic. His NFT project offers collectors special benefits linked to his music releases. Today we talk about how web3 is changing the music industry and what it means for artists and listeners. We also talk about the role being played by NFTs in these changes.

You can hear more about his music and see his NFT artwork at the links below:

For more about his Music:

Website: https://www.huxleysun.com/

On Instagram: @huxleysunnft

On twitter https://twitter.com/HuxleySun

For more about his NFT collection

Website: https://www.huxleysun.com/huxleysunnft

On Instagram: @huxleysun

On OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/huxleysunsingles

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