Max Sheika

Max Sheika is a Ukrainian 3D artist and architect. His recent work has been dedicated to generating support for the people of Ukraine. This includes a special collaboration with through sales of his Metaverse design known as the Peace Pavillion. They also donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of his recreation of the Independence Monument, a collaboration with @polycount directly to the Ukrainian government’s official cryptocurrency wallet. His work can also be found on Makersplace and Foundation. In this episode, Max provides some historical context on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, how web3 has played a role in generating support for the people of Ukraine, and how web3 creators are embracing new ways of collaborating.    Ig – @max.sheik Twitter – @MaxSheika Makersplace Foundation @max.shieka Independence Monument on Opensea – PeacePavillion Shout out to my friends over at Feedspot. They have rated our show 4th on their list of the 25 best metaverse podcasts in the history of the universe. Check them out at thanks to Anuj for reaching out!
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