048 – Evgeny Lyandres, Founder of VirtuSwap and Alexander Zaidelson Head of Business and Data

Today’s episode is packed! I was joined by Evgeny Lyandres, founder of VirtuSwap and Alexander Zaidelson, Head of Data and Business at VirtuSwap. We talk about #defi, liquidity, AI, security and our hopes for a brighter future powered by blockchain technologies. Evgeny is also Professor of Finance and the Head of the Blockchain Research Institute at Tel Aviv University as well as visiting professor at Schffhausen Institute of Technology where he teaches courses on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and defi with Alexander and other world leading researchers. 

More about VirtuSwap: 

Website: virtuswap.io | Twitter: https://twitter.com/VirtuSwap | TG: http://t.me/virtuswap_official | Medium: https://medium.com/virtuswap

More about Web 3 courses at The Schaffhausen Institute of Technology: https://learning.sit.org/learning/web-3 


Evgeny Lyandres is a founder of VirtuSwap — a new decentralized exchange, which, once launched towards the end of 2022, is expected to allow significant improvements in the efficiency of trading in digital assets. Evgeny has published his theoretical and empirical corporate finance papers extensively in all top finance journals, and presented his work over 200 times at top conferences and at Universities on five continents. Evgeny currently serves as an Editor of the Journal of Corporate Finance. In the last few years, Evgeny’s research focus has largely shifted towards applications of blockchain technology in economics and finance. His work on blockchain and cryptocurrencies received wide recognition, and he was elected to the prestigious Crypto and Blockchain Economics Research Forum.

Alexander Zaidelson is the head of data and business at VirtuSwap. Alexander started his career as software developer, working at Demantra, SoftWatch and Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP). In 2005, Alexander co-founded Nareps, a P2P file sharing company that pioneered P2P file sharing and user-generated content on the mobile and served as VP of Product and Business Development. Since 2008, Alexander led Product and Data disciplines at WeFi Inc., a big data company with a mission of organizing the world’s Wi-Fi. As VP of Product and Data, Alexander spearheaded a pivot towards competitive intelligence and virtual-to-real behavior analytics. After WeFi was acquired, Alexander joined CIRTech – a growth-stage VC fund investing in Israeli technology companies, where he led multiple investments. In 2018, he became CEO of Beam, a company developing a new privacy-preserving blockchain and a cryptocurrency based on that blockchain, leading the company to transformation to a decentralized foundation by 2021. Currently, in addition to VirtuSwap, Alexander participates in several projects in the blockchain and related areas as advisor. He is interested in real-world applications of the blockchain, as well as AI and Big Data technologies.


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