047 – Pavel Abdur-Rahman – Web3, AI and Regulated Markets Expert

Pavel is an expert in ethically aligned AI & Digital Assets regulations, markets, partnerships and revenue models. He is Co-Founder and Venture Operating Partner at Vision Studio Ventures (VSV). VSV’s purpose is to democratize venture investments for the operating partner network. In addition to capital, VSV provides go-to-market advisory services and connects senior enterprise executives with world class founders to help build legendary companies, accelerate user acquisition & revenue growth.

One of the VSV portfolio company is Fasset, which is building the golden bridge between trad-fi & ce-de-fi with real world partnerships (banks, telcos, payment platforms) in emerging markets like UAE, Indonesia, Turkey and others. Pavel is on a mission to empower the next billion of Web3 users to learn, play, invest, earn, and spend in crypto.

Pavel holds degrees from the University of Toronto (Bachelor of Engineering) and the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University (Masters in AI & Advanced Analytics). Pavel is teaching Web3 webinars through the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology that will be offered online and in person in Dubai and Zurich. Details for the program can be found here: https://learning.sit.org/learning/web-3 

More information about Pavel can be found on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavelrahman/


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