Eljan Jaku – Creator of Holoheadz

Creator of HOLOHEADZ & Co-developer of the HOLOVERSE an amazing metaverse platform

Eljan is an italian digital artist, born in 2001 who has worked on digital art since he was in high school. His main goal is to create timeless, astounding NFTs that aim to connect people from all over the world and help them build relationships with other collectors & investors. His goal is to create an immense flow of project ideas, creative thoughts and constructive feedback to allow a collective growth inside the V.I.P. HOLO CLUB. Eljan has been creating NFTs since March 2020 and is committed to developing HOLOHEADZ as a long-term project, allowing the investors who collect them to connect with an increasingly large network of like-minded people.

You can learn more about Eljan’s work here: https://holoheadz.com/

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