I’m Sati, from Metaverse. I’m 23. I have been a digital artist since 2012.

As long as I can remember I have always been drawing! At school, at the university, at work. This is my passion and I have always dreamed of being a full time artist. 

I was bullied at school (mostly teachers). They always said that I would never be a successful person. I ran away from home when I was 19. My main goal and dream now is to leave my country (for political reasons). 

I first heard about NFT’s in mid-June. In mid-August I decided to try joining the NFT community. It was a hard road. I made a lot of mistakes. But thanks to my mentors @onerobot and @varvaraalay I continued this journey and made my first NFT collection.

I still make a lot of mistakes and I think this is okay. Hey, don’t ever worry about making mistakes. It means you are perfect at being human.

I am very proud of my collection and 1/1 art. I’m happy that I am a full time artist now. I dreamed about it all my F**king life!

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