Little Crypto Mermaid

My name is Lolita, I’m from the French Alps. I never considered myself an “artist” because I never believed I had a gift, but I always loved creating things: from mosaic to painting sneakers, dancing and now digital art. 

My current styles is a mix of colourful vectors, illustrations and pictures. I started with pictures that I took, using myself as a model. Now I’m enjoying creating collectibles!

Put yourself out there and promote your project. Connect with lots of people and ask for help from the community. 

Getting into NFT’s has been challenging. Working on the blockchain is difficult for me since I’m not tech savvy. I also had to restart my project after getting hacked on OpenSea. 

Growing as part of this amazing community is a huge reward in this space. It is also a great feeling when I get an email saying “your item was sold”! 

My goal in the future is to create time evolving NFTs. I have created an interactive collection called mermaid games. Mermaid owners will participate actively in the story of the game and future creation of NFTs. 

The NFT space in France is still very new. I know a couple of French NFT artists. But most of my friends wonder what I’m doing with those mermaids!

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