055 – Micah Imomotebegha – Bitcoin, Trust and Hope in Nigeria

Micah Imomotebegha on Making the Metaverse podcast with Michael Carter. We discuss Bitcoin, Trust and Hope in Nigeria.

Micah Imomotebegha is a digital marketing specialist with a focus on web 3 and blockchain based projects. He studied information systems management in Nigeria before moving to Canada to pursue additional studies at St. Lawrence College. In the episode, Micah shares his extensive experience with and knowledge of the cryptocurrency market in Nigeria. He shares the political, economic and cultural forces responsible for Nigerians loosing trust in their existing institutions and finding hope in a decentralized future. To contact Micah: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/micah-imomotebegha Twitter: @micahimomos Instagram: @micahimomos Making the Metaverse is hosted by Michael Carter and produced by www.ontheblockchain.ca Canada’s fastest growing blockchain media community. Spotify data places Making the Metaverse in “…the top 10 percent shared globally” for 2022. Shout out to my friends over at Feedspot. They have consistently rated our show one of the top five metaverse podcasts in the history of the universe. Check them out at https://blog.feedspot.com/metaverse_podcasts thanks to Anuj for reaching out!
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