053 – Ron Bauer

Ron Bauer is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and author, with over 20 years of experience. He is focused on FinTech, EdTech, SaaS, Gaming, VR, AR, Metaverse and Web 3.0. Ron has a track record of supporting disruptors from early-stage seed funding all the way through to IPOs, as well as SPACs. He has been a major shareholder and principal investor in many companies.

He was the Co-Founder of Turkana Energy, which merged with Africa Oil (TSX: AOI) in July 2009. The company went on to have a peak market value of over $3 Billion CAD, having raised more than $1 Billion of equity after Tullow Oil successfully drilled Turkana’s oil concession. Ron’s greatest personal quality is his ability to adapt himself to changing economic climates and diversifying sectors. He holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Find Ron here:

Website www.thescapital.com

Instagram  @ronbauer888

Facebook  @ronbauer888

Twitter  @ronbauer888

TikTok  @ronbauer888

Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/@ronbauer888/featured

LinkedIn  www.linkedin.com/in/ronbauer888


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