Habiba Green

I’m Habiba. I’m a minimalist realist artist.

To me, vulnerability is a crucial element of strength. I am a woman, I am strong, but also fragile, like all of us. 

I want to be connected in a world that is more connected than ever, but at the same time more isolated than ever.

I tend to focus on the female presence. My intention is to represent the uncertainty of emotions and to embrace them. Sometimes it is biographical and sometimes it is a reflection of what I contemplate in others, especially as a woman.

My artistic style follows a concept called “Less is more”, in other terms: minimalist realism. It’s been described as ethereal and full of emotion at the same time. I believe that it leaves room for the feelings and the imagination of the viewer. A universe where they can be themselves.

Getting into the NFT space was a coincidence! Long story short, a user took one of my works on Instagram and minted it without my permission. At that time I had no idea about what an NFT was. I found it very stressful but this event changed my life for the better! I made friendships for life and I found artistic freedom. Definitely a happy mistake!

Habiba Green

IG: @habiba.gn 

Twitter: @habibagreen 

OpenSea: @habibagreen 

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