043 – Harrison Jordan, NFT Lawyer

Harrison Jordan is a Toronto-based lawyer and consultant with a focus on legal matters involving NFTs and Web3. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School where he enrolled in a broad range of public and private law courses. Harrison enjoys staying abreast of developments in the NFT space, and providing legal advice and services involving the use of NFTs in business.

Learn more about his practice here: https://thenftlawyer.ca and here: https://substancelaw.com/


Making the Metaverse is hosted by Michael Carter and produced by www.ontheblockchain.ca Canada’s fastest growing blockchain media community.

Shout out to my friends over at Feedspot. They have consistently rated our show one of the top five metaverse podcasts in the history of the universe. Check them out at https://blog.feedspot.com/metaverse_podcasts/  thanks to Anuj for reaching out!

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