Trust – Graphic Novel and Blockchain Education Project

Trust is a graphic novel, motion comic and NFT collection developed to inspire young Africans to reimagine and build alternative and decentralized futures.

Trust is produced by Freehand Studios, a digital arts and social impact studio in Kenya. Set in an alternative African nation, Trust is a story about a young activist who leverages the power of blockchain technology to combat cultural and ecological destruction.

The story explores a range of social justice themes including corruption, cultural and ecological preservation and land ownership. The goal is to inspire young Africans to reimagine the future by introducing them to the power of decentralization.

Chief Nyamweya, co-founder of Freehand Studios says “We wanted to use the power of storytelling to speak to readers and viewers about blockchain technology, inspiring them to see a decentralized future rooted in justice and ecological sustainability.”

Chief Nyamweya co-authored the story with Anne Connelly, founder of Exponential Technologies Inc, which is dedicated to blockchain education. Anne believes Trust can provide both entertainment and education. Several major blockchain communities have made donations to the project including Algorand, Consensys, Cardano, the Graph and others. 

Sarah Mallia, co-founder of Freehand Studios says the team is proud to have worked with several prominent Kenyan actors to make the motion comic that will be released with the graphic novel.

Anne and Chief’s vision for trust is for millions to have access to inspiring, culturally relevant stories they can draw from as they imagine alternative futures. 

A unique NFT collection will also be available when it releases on September 21st. For more information visit

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