I’m Ava. I’m an artist based in Istanbul. My illustrations are bold and colourful. My goal is to convey emotion in my work that people can connect with. I often try to portray hardship, struggle or humour in my work. I’m also fascinated by the relationship between humans and animals, which often show up in my work. 

I was introduced to the NFT market through a friend of mine. She was following my work on Instagram, and one day she sent me a message saying ‘you should enter the nft space!’

I researched NFT technology on the internet and became very interested. I dropped my first piece on  foundation on  9 October 2021!  I then dropped my second piece on 12 October 2021 on foundation and it was sold 2 days later! This was a huge success for me. It gave me the confidence to continue with enthusiasm!

I chose Opensea as the second platform for my artwork. The first collection I dropped there had 3 pieces. It sold out in one day! Two of those pieces were purchased by “Dmitry Buterin”, this was a great honor for me. Dmitry is the father of Vitalik. 

The third platform I sold NFTs on was Knownorigin. When I dropped my first piece a bid came in just 15 minutes later later. Then it was a bidding war, which felt amazing for me. 

I’ve now been working as part of the NFT community for a year without a break!

See more work from Ava: 


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